Pan Armenian German OFFICe

Three reasons to start our global German-Armenian Vision 

1. Connecting 'Made in Germany' with Armenian Business Network globally

Our team aim to connect German services and products to our international Armenian trading network in the USA, Russia, France, China, Hong Kong, Austria, Latin America and, of course, Armenia!

Online and offline - we seek to create a vast network amongst the 20 million Armenians worldwide* and German professionals to enhance dialog between and opportunities within both countries.

(* estimation of diaspora and related groups)

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2. Digital transformation of German Industry

Indeed, Germany will face the great challenge of transforming its industry to comply with future digitalization standards. Therefore we are aiming on building ties between the aspiring Armenian IT and High-Tech Industry and the German Engineering landscape in order to push digitalization to the standards of tomorrow.
Our Mission: Matching Armenian IT and High-Tech Industry with Germany and, vice versa.

3. Finding new win-win solutions in our society and economy

Our vision is to create a think tank in which strategies for German and Armenian welfare can emerge. Join our open community to share and develop ideas between both nations.

Discuss with us, Follow us on Linkedin: #Think_New #Brainstay

Contact Us - About our global Network

Our team is consisting of German-Armenian young professionals, teachers, laywers, entrepreneuers and investors.

David Duru - Sponsor of P-A-G-O 

Imprint (Impressum):

P-A-G-O is a Business Club, placed and supported by:

Altrendy Investments GmbH i.L.

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